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Deep Learning Performance Acceleration

OnSpecta accelerates the performance of AI inference workloads on the Cloud and Edge by up to 10x.
Deep Learning Performance Acceleration

Ampere Acquires OnSpecta



Introducing OnSpecta’s Deep Learning Software Acceleration Platform (DLS)

Deep Learning Software Acceleration Platform (DLS)

AI workloads are compute intensive and customers want the best performance at the lowest possible cost without having to write their own complex model optimization code.

DLS is a seamless binary drop-in library to any AI framework that accelerates inference without any accuracy loss, conversions, or model retraining.

DLS provides the following benefits

Improved Performance

Optimize and accelerate the performance of Deep Learning models across multiple platforms by up to 10x

Faster Time-to-Market

Reduce deployment time from weeks to hours and get your product to market faster

Reduced Costs

Reduce costs significantly by using more performant and less expensive hardware